Tom Megan

Composer – Lyricist – Librettist

Sea Change

The Dark Sea As the show opens, the fisherman statue that guards the port of Gloucester, Mass. comes to life and gives his perspective.


Sedna A young girl in the town reflects on the demise of the fishing industry, her song speaks of an Inuit- Eskimo Myth about the sea goddess Sedna


Blaze In an act of desperation Michael sets his fishing boat on fire in the middle of the ocean. As he watches from a dory he sees figures from his life as the boat burns to ashes.

Michael Mateus, a young family fisherman, struggles to provide for his family and maintain his self-respect, as the fishing industry his town relies on, collapses. Sea Change addresses the depletion of the fishing stock as a spiritual metaphor for both Michael and his community. Attempting to change professions, Michael is caught up in the battle between a seductive real estate developer and the patriarchs of the fishing town. Unable to live his dream of a life working the sea, Michael is driven to an act of desperation. When he attempts to collect insurance money by burning his boat at sea, he nearly drowns, only to redeem himself and his town through an unexpected confrontation with the sea goddess.