Tom Megan

Composer – Lyricist – Librettist

Creative Piano Lessons

Teaching Philosophy:

Playing a musical instrument is an extraordinary activity that engages the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual centers within each person. As neuroscience has shown, music is not limited to one part of the brain; it stimulates the entire brain. As a young person, I discovered this years ago when visiting my elderly grandfather, an exceptional pianist who was suffering from what today would probably be diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease. My grandfather was unable to talk or respond to external stimuli. But I discovered that when I knelt down next to him and sang into his ear, his eyes gradually lit up. He began to hum along. An aspect of his essence was restored. Music is the first and last thing. It is heard in the womb and in the labyrinth of an aging mind at twilight.

In teaching music, whether piano, guitar or accordion, my goal is not to fill a bucket but to light a fire. The fire is the student’s own engagement with music. My goal is not necessarily to create professional musicians, though that has happened, but to expand the inner empathetic world of music in a student. Music is a lifetime relationship, beyond the years of study.

To achieve this, I first try to engage the student where they are. Where is their passion for music? What would they listen to over and over again on a deserted island? We find songs or instrumental pieces they have heard and build from there. I do utilize a series of method books along the way, but to begin with, we work playing by ear as well reading.

As the student gains a degree of mastery, I integrate practical Music Theory into the lessons. We have at least one recital performance each year. I also look for opportunities to create an ensemble experience for my students, playing music with others.

Teaching Schedule:

I arrange my teaching year into Two Semesters. Students sign up for one semester at a time. Students take lessons on a weekly basis. Lessons can be 30, 40 or, 55 minutes in length. Fall Semester starts the week of September 14th, 2020.

At the present time, all lessons will be taught via ZOOM or FACE TIME. Normally, lessons are at my studio in Jamaica Plain. I do offer a small number of Travel Lessons each semester.

To inquire about availability e-mail