Tom Megan

Composer – Lyricist – Librettist

A Vision

Yeats in the Afterlife

Book, Music, Lyrics by Tom Megan

Additional lyrics from the poems of W.B. Yeats

Sample Songs:

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

The Gael Will Arise

Take of My Solitude

A VISION is a musical drama based on the life and work of Irish poet William Butler Yeats. It takes place in 1948, nine years after Yeats’ death and burial in France where he had lived the last years of his life. Following World War II, the Irish government arranged to bring the body of their poet-laureate home for burial in the churchyard at Drumcliff, County Sligo. This journey, serves as the dramatic framework.

The central conflict Yeats must resolve before being re-buried in Ireland is one which consumed so much of his life: his own struggle, and Ireland’s, for spiritual renewal in the face of political reality and violence. The central focus of this conflict is his life-long unrequited love for Maud Gonne, the beautiful Irish revolutionary. In life, the two shared occult interests as well as nationalist ideals.

They came to very different political positions towards the end of Yeats’ life.

At journey’s end, Yeats’ Ghost must reassess the nature of true heroism in the contemporary age. He must choose the next course his soul will take. Will he continue the search for Byzantium, choose to reincarnate, or stay at Coole Park with the ghost of Lady Gregory who continues to haunt the magnificent tree?